The Most Powerful Indigenous Business Development Event in North America



* Please note that while the U.S. Commercial Service supports the goals of this event, it does not endorse the specific products, or views of the participating organization.

The American Business Match (ABM) is the US version of the Aboriginal Business Match, which has been facilitating deals in Canada since 2012.
ABM connects a network of Indigenous and non-Indigenous decision makers to create opportunities for business.

How ABM Works

ABM delegates use a technology-driven online tool to set up as many as 31 pre-qualified appointments that are 20 minutes in length.

Over a 2.5-day period at the event, these appointments keep the conversation focused and efficient and help determine next steps if a business match has been made or is possible.

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Who Participates & Why

ABM offers a dynamic network of qualified decision makers representing:

• Indigenous communities;
• non-Indigenous communities;
• Indigenous businesses;
• non-Indigenous businesses; and
• non-profit organizations and government agencies supporting business development, training and employment.

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